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General Tips

Ok so this ends the first wave of posts that I am doing for this blog and honestly I have had a lot of fun doing it but due to me still being in school I must finish out strong and pass all my finals but while researching many of the topics and honestly having a lot more not even being touched on, I want to show some of my favorite small tips that businessmen and women, and just general people, should learn and live by.

Due to the nature of this post and honestly the fact that many of these tips will directly come from other blogs I will link them with the quote or quotes that I am taking, and due to the nature of time and space on my blog I suggest that you take Time to go look at the rest of the things on these pages.

Posture and dress change profoundly how you feel about yourself and how others feel about you, like it or not. (This is why I have been wearing a nice shirt and tie in every video)

Spend more time around people that both challenge and respect you

Focus on what you will do,not what you won’t do.

Read something inspirational right before bed and after waking. (you can try some philosophy quotes, some are quite good)

Let Go of… (lots and lots and lots of things)

Stop Procrastinating  (no seriously stop)

Ted Talks(Just go watch some there great)

These are just a few that I found and honestly I hope that people like what I have done so far and maybe if people actually like this I will continue to do this blog. If you like it please comment I would love to hear some feedback, If positive great. If you have some constructive criticism, bring it I would love to do better because I know I can, and really so can you.


Dale Carnegie

So this post is very dear to my heart because it is my first author that I want to share with you all, Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie was born in 1888 and to me is one of the most influential writers in recent history. I know that is a big claim but when you look at what he wrote about and how it was and still is one of the most searched after topics you begin to realize the importance of this great man. Dale Carnegie wrote on subjects like public speaking, communicating effectively, and how to have people like and gravitate toward you. Dale Carnegie wrote simply about ideas that seem easy and truly work. Dale Carnegie himself admits to not having all the answers and in one quote even admits to stealing ideas from others.

“The ideas I stand for are not mine. I borrowed them from Socrates. I swiped them from Chesterfield. I stole them from Jesus. And I put them in a book. If you don’t like their rules whose would you use?”

One of the great things about Dale Carnegie is that he is honest with you in everything he did. He was an author but one of his biggest passions was public speaking. He loved going around telling others about his books and encouraging them with stories and often he would pick up more stories as he went around giving these conferences. Based on his books and conferences in 1912 Dale Carnegie Training courses came into existence and have thrived ever since having over 80 countries been involved and over 8 million people completing the courses. Personally I would love to just go to one even after many of his books, because of the fact that it would mean that I was apart of this great mans legacy and would be able to point to it even more than I can now.

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Psychology in business

So when we look at psychology I must admite there is much more than of psychology than any human being could learn and honestly not all of it would be beneficial to learn for a business person. There are however two main camps of psychology that we can look at for our benefit as business men and women and they are behaviorism and psychoanalysis.

Behaviorism is the study of conditioning and how things are learned and process. This is a simplified definition I know but where I am going to take this we don’t need to go deep. When we look at behaviorism we look for ways that people learn, mostly through conditioning. What this means for a business person has endless possibilities from learning the best ways a manager could teach new employees information or a process that is essential to the company. It could be used for understanding the effects of bonuses and other compensation that companies give to their employees. But one way learning about behaviorism is good for a manager is to learn the best ways to learn information or a skill for themselves.

The second element of psychology that we are going to look is psychoanalysis. So, honestly there is more about psychoanalysis in and of itself that any definition that I try to put it in does not do it justice. So with that preface psychoanalysis is the underlying, conscious and subconscious reasons why a person does anything. I realize that as people in any stage of life this is deep stuff and honestly you can use this on other people but I do not recommend it because it can easily be used in a manipulative scheme or worse.  I suggest that when we look at this we look toward ourselves and focus on our own desires and why we do things.

I know that this is just a small section of psychology and honestly I did not go into much detail but partly that is because I want you to go and look some of this up for yourself, because it is much better to learn for yourself and also I am not a qualified source to give much more detail than what I have given you but there are people out there who do know more and would love to share with you.

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Philosophy in Business

Disclaimer: Philosophy is a huge subject that depending on your definitions can translate into every subject that you can ever learn or comprehend to learn, also it ranges from everything in the world, and beyond it.

So with that being said I am first a businessman, or at least I hope to be someday, and many of my friends could tell you that I see business in everything, and rightfully so because like any business man or woman could tell you business is everywhere. I know that might sound wrong when you think about nonprofits and charities, but when you look at the fact that they still operate in the world we live in, they must do business of some sort.

With that idea of business I must confess that Philosophy is in even more places because it is where we think, learn, live, eat, play, (add any word you like), etc. Philosophy is everywhere and everyone has one… even those who do not know that their philosophy is, has philosophy. So with the understanding that everyone has a philosophy, what better way to understand other people that to try and understand their philosophy. This may seem like a easy concept to comprehend and it really is but so many people choose not to do it. I will be the first to say that at times philosophy is more than I can comprehend and it often takes me two or three looks at a philosophy to understand it but that is normal and should be because it is different then my own. In the current market place, the growing global market, we see it everyday where cultures clash with others and because of this there is often confusion between different cultures or even the same culture with different philosophies.

I know that I am not getting into philosophy in-depth, at all, because there is more information than anyone man can write down but I hope that I might have swayed you to look at philosophy when dealing with other people or even yourself to find more about why you believe the things you do.

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5 is one of my favorites because its quick quotes that make you want to dive deeper

Communication in business

Alright so communication is easy to strike a case for simply because the benefits are easy to explain and see.  We as business people, no we as people, use communication every day and most of us don’t use it correctly. I know that by saying that I am stepping on many people’s toes because no one likes to be told that they are doing something wrong. I will be the first one to say that I often put my foot in my mouth and can be know to miss communicate with people around me.

I want to point out that good communication is hard because of of the fact the language does not always cover the feelings that we feel or that miscommunications happen more times than not. Which is why proper communication is so important, the idea that our messages need to be presented in just the right way, whether that be in blog form, video form, through social media outlets, the way that our messages get across to people is so important because the way we choose tells so much about the message itself.

I know that saying communication is important is a no brainer but what are we supposed to do about it. We can learn from communication experts to see which forms of communication is the best for our message or to see the best way to utilize what we already use. This could be as simple as changing the medium of our massage or it could be changing our branding. The benefits of better communication could be the difference in succeeding in a business field, or having more constructive relationships, having a better marriage, to being a better friend.

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Robert Fryman and I am a senior business major in college and I believe that there is something missing in the way we teach business. I love all the in depth knowledge about accounting, finances, ethics, etc. but I believe that business is much more than just this vocational information. I would love to be CEO of a fortune 500 company someday and I realize that getting there will take more than this vocational information that we are taught it college. I want to point out that I do not think that we should replace this but rather add some other business related skills to our education. I personally through my studies have taken many courses outside the business department in the hope that it will help me find that extra something that business look for in a new hire, some of these courses include philosophy, communication, and psychology. These are some of my findings that I have come across in my search for that extra something in the business field and I hope you enjoy.

So I know the way that this blog setup will confuse some people and I hope that in the next few sentences will help clear up what I am trying to do. Well First I will give a short introduction as to why a subject or idea is worth studying about in normal blog format. Then I will try to give more information or tips that I have come up with myself or read in a video format where you might see more practical tips for these ideas, and then I will try to leave you with some follow up information toward other blogs, videos, or books that I have found helpful along the way.

Honestly I hope you get something out of this blog and if one person learns anything from any of this I believe that it was all worth it.

-Robert Fryman