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Communication in business

November 29, 2012

Alright so communication is easy to strike a case for simply because the benefits are easy to explain and see.  We as business people, no we as people, use communication every day and most of us don’t use it correctly. I know that by saying that I am stepping on many people’s toes because no one likes to be told that they are doing something wrong. I will be the first one to say that I often put my foot in my mouth and can be know to miss communicate with people around me.

I want to point out that good communication is hard because of of the fact the language does not always cover the feelings that we feel or that miscommunications happen more times than not. Which is why proper communication is so important, the idea that our messages need to be presented in just the right way, whether that be in blog form, video form, through social media outlets, the way that our messages get across to people is so important because the way we choose tells so much about the message itself.

I know that saying communication is important is a no brainer but what are we supposed to do about it. We can learn from communication experts to see which forms of communication is the best for our message or to see the best way to utilize what we already use. This could be as simple as changing the medium of our massage or it could be changing our branding. The benefits of better communication could be the difference in succeeding in a business field, or having more constructive relationships, having a better marriage, to being a better friend.

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