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Philosophy in Business

November 29, 2012

Disclaimer: Philosophy is a huge subject that depending on your definitions can translate into every subject that you can ever learn or comprehend to learn, also it ranges from everything in the world, and beyond it.

So with that being said I am first a businessman, or at least I hope to be someday, and many of my friends could tell you that I see business in everything, and rightfully so because like any business man or woman could tell you business is everywhere. I know that might sound wrong when you think about nonprofits and charities, but when you look at the fact that they still operate in the world we live in, they must do business of some sort.

With that idea of business I must confess that Philosophy is in even more places because it is where we think, learn, live, eat, play, (add any word you like), etc. Philosophy is everywhere and everyone has one… even those who do not know that their philosophy is, has philosophy. So with the understanding that everyone has a philosophy, what better way to understand other people that to try and understand their philosophy. This may seem like a easy concept to comprehend and it really is but so many people choose not to do it. I will be the first to say that at times philosophy is more than I can comprehend and it often takes me two or three looks at a philosophy to understand it but that is normal and should be because it is different then my own. In the current market place, the growing global market, we see it everyday where cultures clash with others and because of this there is often confusion between different cultures or even the same culture with different philosophies.

I know that I am not getting into philosophy in-depth, at all, because there is more information than anyone man can write down but I hope that I might have swayed you to look at philosophy when dealing with other people or even yourself to find more about why you believe the things you do.

Try These: 1,2,3,4,5

5 is one of my favorites because its quick quotes that make you want to dive deeper


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