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Psychology in business

November 29, 2012

So when we look at psychology I must admite there is much more than of psychology than any human being could learn and honestly not all of it would be beneficial to learn for a business person. There are however two main camps of psychology that we can look at for our benefit as business men and women and they are behaviorism and psychoanalysis.

Behaviorism is the study of conditioning and how things are learned and process. This is a simplified definition I know but where I am going to take this we don’t need to go deep. When we look at behaviorism we look for ways that people learn, mostly through conditioning. What this means for a business person has endless possibilities from learning the best ways a manager could teach new employees information or a process that is essential to the company. It could be used for understanding the effects of bonuses and other compensation that companies give to their employees. But one way learning about behaviorism is good for a manager is to learn the best ways to learn information or a skill for themselves.

The second element of psychology that we are going to look is psychoanalysis. So, honestly there is more about psychoanalysis in and of itself that any definition that I try to put it in does not do it justice. So with that preface psychoanalysis is the underlying, conscious and subconscious reasons why a person does anything. I realize that as people in any stage of life this is deep stuff and honestly you can use this on other people but I do not recommend it because it can easily be used in a manipulative scheme or worse.  I suggest that when we look at this we look toward ourselves and focus on our own desires and why we do things.

I know that this is just a small section of psychology and honestly I did not go into much detail but partly that is because I want you to go and look some of this up for yourself, because it is much better to learn for yourself and also I am not a qualified source to give much more detail than what I have given you but there are people out there who do know more and would love to share with you.

Great Places to start: 1,2,3,4


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